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These winners of the Fourth Annual Unique Venues Best of Awards really make our industry go 'round.  Get to know the Best Venue to Film a Movie or TV Show, and so many more special places.

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  • It’s a common scenario—you plan a destination meeting in a city like Memphis hoping that in the downtime you and your guests will be able to visit the jazz and blues clubs on Beale Street, eat some world-famous barbecue, and get a tour of Elvis Presley’s...
  • In a perfect world, event planners would have an unlimited budget to work with to create the perfect event experience. Sadly, it is not a perfect world and event planners need to stick to their budget so they don't run out of money and anger their client. Event budgeting is a skill that every...
  • By definition, executive means someone with great responsibility or having the singular ability to put plans and actions into effect. Executive is what makes CEOs and also constitutes one of the highest branches of the government. So when a brand bears this title, there...
  • Email marketing is a strategy used by many companies, among a variety of industries, to retain customer engagement, generate revenue, and gain prospective clients. It is efficient and cost effective with 59% of business to business marketers saying email is their most effective medium for...
  • Location, location, location. Realtors always say it three times fast to hit the point home that choice of place is perhaps one of the most important decisions a person can make. Not just for buying a house or choosing a good school for your children, but also for meeting...
  • In the great words of “The Shining,” all work and no play can make life, well, a little boring. Especially when work consists of 18-hour days in the same office space and maybe some regularly scheduled conferences in a standard windowless hotel room. If you...
  • Did you get engaged over the holidays? If so, congratulations! You are certainly not alone. Facebook recently compiled data to determine which dates were the most popular for couples to get engaged. The top three were Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Overall, the social...

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Bad to the Bone BBQ Event Center - San Juan Capistrano CA
Bell Museum & Planetarium - Minneapolis MN
BMO Theatre Centre - Vancouver BC
Calamigos Equestrian - Burbank CA
Dallas Zoo - Dallas TX
Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd - Hollywood CA
Oliver's Classic Cars - Winter Park FL
The Arthouse - Baltimore MD
The International - Bolton MA
University of Alberta Conference Centre - Edmonton AB

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